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We provide high quality services in collaboration with the leading computer companies.

Services for Individuals

  • Preparation and submission of income tax returns
  • Preparation and submission of asset declarations
  • Preparation of a repayment plan and adjustments of tax burdens
  • Tax tips for avoiding presumptions
  • Avoidance of double taxation of income of residents abroad
  • Handling bureaucratic affairs
  • Applications for social and welfare benefits

Services for businesses

Financial & Accounting Services

  • Computerized bookkeeping, monitoring and audit of accounting books of all categories
  • Business commencement – Company establishments, Conversions/Transformations, Interruptions
  • Organization and supervision of internal accounting
  • Preparation of financial reports (Reporting), budget and financial statements

Tax Services

  • Preparation and submission of VAT returns
  • Submission of withholding taxes
  • Preparation and submission of income tax returns of companies and legal entities
  • Preparation of tax planning and debt settlements
  • On-site support of companies in tax audits

Payroll Services

  • ΠFully computerized issuance of corporate payroll, staff payment receipts and payment of insurance contributions
  • Management of recruitment – dismissals and changes in employment status
  • Consulting services for employers on insurance and employment issues

Consulting Services

  • Selection of business schemes
  • Consulting services on business development – expansion and Startups
  • Training and guidance in Development laws and subsidized programs
  • Financial analysis and guidance on financing issues